Cannabis Yoga - A Paradigm Shift


Learning Cannabis Yoga is a new opportunity for growth, and the next step forward in my fitness journey. But first let's rewind.


My Fitness Journey

I've been active my entire life. Growing up as a kid my family and I went hiking nearly every weekend. In high school I played water polo and did swim team. After high school I was trail running and experimenting with calisthenics. And in college I first started to lift weights.

Throughout my health and wellness journey, I've always have been drawn to exercise modalities that I am new at. I was terrible at swimming when I joined the water polo team. After swimming for four years my talent to run was still there, but my ability was greatly reduced. And running certainly doesn't prepare you for lifting heavy weights.

It appears to me that challenge, not perfection, is what drives me forward. During my evolution from simple push-ups to trail running, swimming to heavy deadlifts, I thought I had a pretty good grasp upon my bodies capabilities.

Enter Yoga

It's hard to describe yoga. It's challenging yet easy, peaceful but also uncomfortable, and all the while much more than that. It's truly an experience I can't describe well yet.

Yoga is the closest I've come to "communicating" with my body.

The closest thing I can compare it to is a mind-muscle-connection focused bodybuilding workout. But in that example each muscular interaction is less a conversation and more a demand, and much less cohesive.

Yoga allows me to feel more than just my musculature but also my connective tissues, joints, ligaments, and even skeleton. Looking back it's crazy to me that almost the entire fitness industry is built upon just building or strengthening your muscular system and very little attention is given to anything else.

I believe the reason why that is the case is because it is inherently difficult to feel and communicate with these deeper levels of your body.

Enter Cannabis

The FIERCE by Healthy Rips

The FIERCE by Healthy Rips

Cannabis, specifically the endocannabinoid system, helps the brain connect to the body. When I did a few yoga classes in the past sans cannabis, it was fun, but not a revolutionary experience. Back then, I had too much head noise and thoughts pulling my attention away from what was important in that moment.

Cannabis usage for me helps to cut down on the high frequency noise constantly humming through my head, i.e. “Who did this”, “I should have said that”, “I forgot to do those things”, etc etc. Cannabis allows me to focus and experience a clarity of mind hard to achieve in this increasingly industrial, busy, and digital world we live in.


Discover For Yourself

Moving forward, Cannabis Yoga is going to be a large area of personal experimentation, and I will be documenting my thoughts, findings, and more here and on my wellness Instagram account @stefanburnswellness.

If you wish to discovered the benefits of Cannabis Yoga yourself, below is a Cannabis Yoga Quick Start Guide:

Vaporize a 50/50 mix of THC dominant cannabis flower and CBD dominant cannabis flower. I recommend CBD flower from Tweedle Farms and a uplifting sativa such as Jack Herer or a creative Indica such as Papaya.

I recommend vaporization over combustion of the flower for a few reasons. The inhalation of smoke is damaging to your lungs, vaporization avoids this issue entirely. No THC is destroyed in the vaporization process as it results at a lower temperature. A high from vaporization is much more focused and controllable, and doesn’t affect your ability to function. The vaporizer I use is the FIERCE by Healthy Rips. The FIERCE is one of the highest quality vaporizers on the market, has excellent vapor extraction, very long battery life, and has a very respectable price.

Vaporization paired with the use of CBD, with it’s anti-anxiety and anti-inflammation properties, allows for a productive yoga session perfect for exploration with a calm clarity of mind.

Listening to soothing music during the session stabilizes your breathing and promotes calmness. I like Spotify’s Yoga & Meditation Playlist.

For a simple beginners flow, focus on deep breathing and spend 30 minutes total in the following yoga poses:

Table Pose - Your Starting Position

Cat Cow Pose - Loosen up the back

Child’s Pose - Open the Hips

Pigeon Pose - Feel Your Legs

Rabbit Pose - Contract Your Spine

Cobra Pose - Stretch Your Spine

If you don’t have space at home to practice yoga, you can also practice yoga by yourself at a commercial gym.

One More Thing…

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can attend a Cannabis Yoga class and learn many of these concepts under the guidance of Yogi Judy Ann Kekki of Elevate Your Wellness.

To learn more about her Cannabis Yoga class schedule and her next available class, subscribe to the Elevate Your Wellness Email Newsletter.


Stefan Burns

Stefan Burns is the creator and main author of Wild Free Organic. A swimmer in high school, soon afterwards he discovered a passion for the health, wellness, and fitness fields. Stefan is a jack of all trades, expertly knowing how to use all the different wellness “tools” available to radically and permanently transform one’s health, from fasting and sauna usage to calisthenics and powerlifting.

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