organifi Daily turmeric review

Organifi Daily Turmeric is one of dozens if not hundreds of turmeric or turmeric derivative supplements on the market. It contains two active ingredients, and two other ingredients, and It's made by Organifi, a health food company based out of San Diego, CA.

I've tried dozens of different turmeric or curcumin (a turmeric derivative, more on that in the Ingredients section) supplements over the years, as both pills or powders, and over time I’ve grown acutely attuned to the effect turmeric and/or curcumin has on my body. I can tell the difference between a cheap or potent turmeric supplement by paying attention to how my body responds (reduced inflammation, clearer skin, improved mental acuity, less pain, etc). Organifi’s Daily Turmeric was initially another stop on my quest towards finding the ultimate turmeric/curcumin supplement, and now it’s in my regular rotation of supplements I use for optimal health. With a 60-day money back guarantee I had nothing to lose by trying it out!

This review outlines all of the pluses and minuses of the Daily Turmeric supplement, leaves no questions unanswered, and hopefully at the end provides you with the information you need to make an honest informed purchasing decision. Save yourself some time and read this review so you don't repeat what I've already done!

This in-depth review is split into the following sections: Uses | Ingredients | Price | Size | Summary | Final Score

Each of the above attributes is very important in determining if you'll like and use a supplement product. We've given each category a score, and the total at the end of the review is the average of those scores. I believe though that what Organifi developed with the Daily Turmeric supplement is overall greater than the sum of its parts, and for simplicity the final review score does not take that into account. This review will be updated pending any changes to any of the above categories. Let's dive in, and start with one of the most important factors for a supplement pill. How big is it and how easy is it to swallow!


Organifi’s Daily Turmeric delivers a potent bioavailable dose of ~480 mg curcuminoids. For one offs like headaches, fatigue, and pain, curcumin is fast acting and effective in reducing symptoms in as little as 1 hour. For chronic issues like inflammation, heart disease, depression, anxiety, and mental acuity, daily curcumin usage is likewise still effective and proven to powerfully reduce symptoms. Read more to learn about some of the main conditions that daily curcumin supplementation can help ease.

Back Pain

Reduce Pain & Fatigue

When you’re in pain, whether chronic or acute, your quality of life drops dramatically. Curcumin has been shown to be very effective at reducing all types of pain. In one study 400 mg of curcumin was found to be slightly more potent in reducing pain than a hefty 2 grams dose of acetaminophen (Tylenol), yet it’s from a safe all natural source. Post operative pain and fatigue has also been measured going down upon daily use of curcumin. Curcumin is so effective at reducing pain everywhere throughout the body that it can improve the functionality of injured people, dramatically improving their quality of life without any harsh nasty side effects of conventional pain medication.

Stop Inflammation

What makes curcuminoids so effective in decreasing pain is their ability to dramatically reduce inflammation throughout the body. Hundreds of diseases are believed to be caused by inflammation throughout the body, and our modern diet and environment are to blame. Curcumin is amazing at reducing out of control inflammation, in the process improving quality of life and reducing the risk factor of hundreds of terrible diseases. Curcumin is also effective at reducing symptoms of common inflammation based diseases that affect millions, such as osteoarthritis (arthritis of the joints). Even with painful conditions such as edema, curcumin has been shown to reduce the inflammation and associated swelling.

Frail Hands with Arthritis
Heart Attack

Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Heart disease is still the #1 killer in the United States, responsible for 23.4% of all deaths. 23.4%!! So how does curcumin factor into this equation? Curcuminoids have been shown to be effective at reducing systolic blood pressure, lowering LDL-C, raising HDL-C, and lowering triglycerides. All of these markers are of course very important for measuring cardiovascular health, and though the improvements were slight, they were statistically significant and didn’t require any effort other than consistent daily usage of a curcumin supplement like Organifi’s Daily Turmeric.

Help Treat Depression & Anxiety

If you’ve ever suffered from depression, then you know just how difficult it can be to get out of that positive feedback loop. Even small tasks feel insurmountable at times. Luckily, there is almost nothing easier than swallowing a pill, and curcuminoids in multiple studies (1,2,3,4,5) have shown to be effective at reducing self assessed feelings of depression, at times comparable to known SSRIs such as Prozac. Also measured during some of these studies were levels of anxiety, another condition related to depression which can spiral out of control if triggered. Curcumin was shown to be very effective at reducing levels of anxiety, and taken daily can reduce anxious feelings dramatically.

Weak Elderly People

Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly

In ones later years, even once simple physical or mental tasks can become tedious and difficult. Chronic pain can just be a fact of life, remembering memories can be elusive, and there doesn’t seem to be any solution. Unfortunately the clock can’t be turned back, yet, but supplements like curcumin can certainly help improve elderly quality of life. In rats, curcumin supplementation significantly reduced levels of brain amyloid, plaques, oxidized proteins, and isoprostanes and also prevented cognitive deficit. The trial human study found encouraging similar findings. Colorectal cancer, a major issue for many older men, was partially mediated with curcumin supplementation. Remember, pain and fatigue, common problems for the elderly, is reduced with curcumin supplementation.

Improve Your Life

Curcumin appears to be a potent yet natural quality of life enhancing supplement. Curcumin’s main mechanism of action is to reduce inflammation throughout the body, and considering most people are chronically inflamed due to a poor diet, lack of exercise, poor sleep, excessive stress, and an unhealthy environment, we consider Organifi’s Daily Turmeric a fantastic daily supplement nearly everyone should take. Curcumin’s versatility in exerting beneficial effects on so many different conditions such as pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and more make it a no brainer, especially when it only costs a little more than $1 per day to use. Seriously, add Daily Turmeric into your daily routine, you’ll notice the difference!

SCORE: 10/10


Organifi Daily Turmeric contains two main ingredients, and two additional ingredients. The main ingredients are organic turmeric (root, full spectrum 4:1 extract) and organic black pepper extract (standardized to piperine). The two additional ingredients are the cellulose vegetable capsule and organic rice concentrate (flow agent). Before we launch into the turmeric/curcumin/piperine debate, let’s establish what the main ingredient, turmeric, is.

Turmeric Root and Powder

Turmeric is a flowering plant in the ginger family. It is native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Turmeric plant is cultivated and harvested for its rhizomes (roots), which can grow quite large, just like ginger. For thousands of years turmeric spice has been made from dried and powdered turmeric rhizomes, and is commonly used in Indian curries.

Turmeric is known to contain the following compounds (sourced from

  • Curcuminoids (pigmentation compounds), including the famous curcumin (5-6.6% dry weight) with demethoxycurcumin, 5′-methoxycurcumin, and dihydrocurcumin

  • Sequesterpenes (a class of terepenes) germacrone, termerone, ar-(+)-, α- and β-termerones, β-bisabolene, a-curcumene, zingiberenel, β-sesquiphellanderene, bisacurone, curcumenone, dehydrocurdione, procurcumadiol, bis-acumol, curcumenol, isoprocurcumenol, epiprocurcumenol, procurcumenol, zedoaronediol, and curlone

  • Essential oils (less than 3.5% dry weight) consisting of d-α-phellandrene, d-sabinene, cinol, borneol, zingiberene, and sesquiterpenes such as tumerones

  • (Rhizome) stigmasterole, β-sitosterole, cholesterole, and 2-hydroxymethyl anthraquinone

Much of the confusion surrounding turmeric and curcumin have to deal with the fact turmeric and curcumin are very poorly absorbed by the body, around 1% or less. As a result, many different ways have been devised to increase the bioavailability of the curcuminoids found in turmeric, and therefore a lot of different turmeric and turmeric derivative supplements exist. For this reason we published a comprehensive turmeric supplement buyers guide which covers in detail every different type of turmeric and curcumin supplement currently available, their differences, and their bioavailabilities. That discussion was too lengthy to add to this review, but if you’d like to learn exactly why Organifi’s Daily Turmeric supplement is the best turmeric/curcumin supplement currently on the market, please click the button below. For a concise overview keep reading.

Breaking Down the Daily Turmeric Formulation

Each serving of Organifi’s Daily Turmeric contains 2000 mg of full spectrum 4:1 extracted turmeric root. By being extracted at a 4:1 ratio, this means the turmeric is concentrated 4x stronger than normal, and this is one of the major beneficial differences between Organifi’s offering and all the random turmeric supplements you can find on Amazon. With turmeric being composed of roughly 6% curcuminoids by weights, a 4:1 extract calculates to ~480 mg of curcuminoids per serving of Daily Turmeric. The most well studied bioavailibility enhancer for curcumin is piperine, a compound found in black pepper. Paired with piperine, curcumin’s bioavailability dramatically increases over 20x. Furthermore, it has been shown that curcumin’s bioavailability is also dramatically improved when combined with turmeric essential oils, such as with the BCM-95® formulation.

Organifi’s Daily Turmeric supplement is effectively a combination of these two different bioavailability enhancing techniques. The 6 mg of piperine added is more than the standard 5 mg of piperine per 500 mg of curcuminoids that research has shown to be effective. Additionally, because the Daily Turmeric supplement is the whole turmeric root, and not just standardized curcuminoids like most supplements, all the other beneficial compounds found in turmeric, such as the essential oils, are still present in abundance. Together these two factors dramatically increase the bioavailability of the curcuminoids present, and make for an incredibly effective turmeric supplement.

In an effort to differentiate themselves from their competitors, no curcumin supplement manufacturer we know of has combined two or more of the known bioavailibility enhancing techniques into one supplement. Organifi’s Daily Turmeric is the first we know of to pair two bioavailibility enhancing techniques into one supplement, and it confers upon them a significant advantage.


Containing ~480 mg of curcuminoids, Organifi’s Daily Turmeric has the best and safest bioavailibility enhancing formulation on the market. We especially like how instead of just using 95% standardized curcuminoids, they opted to use full spectrum 4:1 extracted turmeric root, which still contains all the other beneficial compounds that turmeric is known to contain other than curcuminoids. Additionally, no gluten, soy, or dairy is used in the manufacturing process or in the pills, so it is safe for those sensitive or allergic to those food groups. Organifi’s Daily Turmeric is truly a thoughtfully and holistically formulated supplement with potent synergistic health effects other curcumin supplements on the market don’t have.

SCORE: 10/10


Compared to other turmeric supplements on the market, the Organifi Daily Turmeric at first glance is relatively expensive, but let's break down the pricing structure a bit and find out whether that's actually the case or not. During this price breakdown let's also keep in mind the high quality of ingredients that Organifi uses in their Daily Turmeric, and also the same ingredient - same price fallacy. Be sure to read that Wild Free Organic blog post before continuing!

Organifi Daily Turmeric retails for the following prices:

  • 1 bottle Daily Turmeric - $49.95

  • 3 bottle’s Daily Turmeric - $119.96

  • 4 bottle’s Daily Turmeric - $149.95

There are a five discounts which can be applied to Organifi purchases.

  • First you can buy Daily Turmeric in bulk in either three or four bottle packs to reduce the base price per bottle. 

  • Second there is the subscribe and save 15% discount, but this only works for the smaller single bottle purchase. For the subscribe and save option, you'll save 15% on your purchase, on top of all other discounts, and you'll be auto-shipped your order every month. Unfortunately, if you buy three or four bottle packs at a time (better cost savings) then the subscribe and save 15% discount goes away.

  • Third you can apply a regular promo code for a discount on all purchases.

  • Fourth, if you create an account at Organifi you earn 5 points for every dollar on your purchase. $25 gift cards can be purchased for 1,750 points, which equates to $0.014 cents per point.

  • Lastly, if you spend over $250, your order will ship for free, a savings of $7.95 to $12.95.

Below are three graphs which show how the price reduces as each discount/promotion is applied towards a one, three, and six tub purchase of Green Juice. The cost of shipping is added.

Cost Per Bottle Daily Turmeric (1 bottle purchase)

For a 1 bottle package shipping is $7.95.

Out of all the purchasing options, buying one bottle of Daily Turmeric is the most expensive of the three options presented here. With that mentioned, the maximum price difference between the 1 bottle package with maximum discounts and the 4 bottle package with maximum discounts is 26 percent ($41.46 vs $32.83 per bottle).

Cost Per Bottle Daily Turmeric (3 bottle purchase)

For a 3 bottle package shipping is $9.95 ($3.32 per bottle).

With a three bottle purchase, things start to improve. Using a 15% coupon and factoring in eventual point usage (with enough consistent purchasing to enable that), the price per bottle of the Daily Turmeric drops to $34.88.

Cost Per Bottle Daily Turmeric (4 bottle purchase)

For a 4 bottle package shipping is $12.95 ($3.24 per bottle).

The four bottle purchase, the lowest price option! The price per bottle decreases to $32.83 after all coupons and point rewards are added. This price makes the Daily Turmeric price competitive with all the random turmeric/curcumin supplements on Amazon.

Two Purchasing Strategies

So as I see it there are two clear strategies you can follow for buying Organifi’s Daily Turmeric, and they depend on your level of consistency. If you’re just starting off your healthy lifestyle, it can be difficult to be consistently healthy because the necessary habits haven’t been developed yet. For many people, consistency is the limiting factor, not time, money, access to a gym, or access to healthy unprocessed foods. If you lack consistency and the other factors are not a concern, then I think paying the 25% premium on a bottle of Daily Turmeric which is auto-shipped monthly is a worthy trade-off. Every month you’ll be shipped a month’s supply of Daily Turmeric, making it very easy to add into your daily routine. If a four bottle purchase was made, those bottles might end up collecting dust in the back of a medicine cabinet because there is no monthly “reminder”.

If you have already established daily healthy routines, or are an avid user of supplements, then the four bottle purchase is the way to go. The most amount of money will be saved, and then it’s easier to fluctuate your usage up or down without running out prematurely. I personally buy the four bottle packs and love no longer having to think about the fact that my stockpile is running out quick.

Pricing Summary

Final Assessment? It's possible to buy Organifi Daily Turmeric for a rightfully earned yet economical price if you buy it in bulk, apply a discount (like mine, WILDFREE15), and eventually use accumulated points towards future purchases. I still wish it was cheaper, but hey don't we all. At least with the Daily Turmeric you definitely get what you pay for!

SCORE: 9.0/10


Pill Size Comparison

An often forgotten yet important metric that it is important to consider when buying any supplemental pill is the pill size. For many people, an inability or aversion to swallowing large pills limits them from taking a variety of fantastic supplements, simply due to their size. Fish oil is a good example, with a single pill weighing in at a minimum of 1000 mg, and more often on average 1500 mg. A standard serving of the Daily Turmeric is four pills, each containing 501.5 mg of active ingredient (500 mg turmeric and 1.5 mg piperine), and at this size the pill is quite manageable to swallow. If you’re comfortable swallowing pills, then shoot back all four at once no problem, and if it is an issue, then take one pill at a time.

To make sure each pill contained ~500 mg of active ingredient I opened a standard serving of the Daily Turmeric (four pills) and measured the weight of the filler supplement powder. When weighted, the contents of four pills weighted ~3 grams. I believe the weight of the four pills was actually more around 2600 mg, or 650 mg each, and my scale was just not accurate enough to weight that precisely. The extra 150 mg comes from the organic rice concentrate, which acts as a flow agent.

Overall the Organifi Daily Turmeric has a medium pill size which should present no problems in taking. Having to take four pills a day to receive a standard serving is mildly inconvenient compared to other turmeric/curcumin supplements out there (which condense the active ingredient into one pill), but the extra pills has its own advantages, which we’ll discuss more in ingredients section.

Organifi Daily Turmeric four Pills Weighed

Score: 9.5/10


This review went over A LOT, and that was the whole point! Here at Wild Free Organic we aim to provide the best resources and information possible to allow people to make informed and intelligent purchasing decisions and to positively impact their lives. With it's ability to help treat a whole host of conditions such as pain, fatigue, excessive inflammation, depression, anxiety, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and more, Organifi’s Daily Turmeric scores a perfect 10/10 with its many uses. Expertly formulated to harness the powerful health effects of the entire turmeric root, not just the curcuminoids, the Daily Turmeric is powerful and very bioavailable, yet still safe to use, even at higher dosages, scoring another perfect 10/10 ingredient wise. Price wise, Organifi’s Daily Turmeric at first glance is fairly expensive, but with some smart couponing, the price can be reduced to a very competitive $32.81 per bottle, or a little over $1 per day. Factor in its superior formulation and Organifi’s Daily Turmeric scores a 9/10 price wise. Lastly, the pill size isn’t too large, instead being very easy to swallow, and for that it scores a 9.5/10.

60 Day Money Back Guarentee Seal

So where does that leave us? Should you buy a bottle, or four, of Organifi’s Daily Turmeric? In my opinion the answer is a resounding yes due to the previously mentioned criteria, and one other important purchasing consideration. Organifi’s Daily Turmeric is backed up by of the best return policies in the fitness and health industry, an amazing 60-back money back guarantee. That 60 day return policy is what convinced to buy my first tub of Organifi Green Juice (an amazing greens/superfood powder, read our complete Green Juice review here), and their 60 day return policy has given me the peace of mind to try out all their other supplements too!

Final takeaway: Organifi’s Daily Turmeric is the best turmeric/curcumin supplement currently on the market, and considering the state of it's competition, I don't expect that to change anytime soon. If you're looking for a natural healthy supplement to help improve your quality of life simply by taking a few pills daily, then Daily Turmeric is the right choice for you!



  • Incredible and unrivaled curcumin rich formulation

  • Contains the entire turmeric root for additional health benefits

  • Extremely bioavailable without the side effects of micellar curcumin supplements (its biggest competitor)

  • Easy to use, easy to swallow

  • Impressive all organic superfood ingredient list

  • Can be purchased for as little as $1 per day

  • Third party tested for purity and freshness


  • Requires collecting and managing points through your account to achieve the best price per bottle.

  • Yup, that’s it.