Quick Tip - Do a Quick Morning Workout Daily

Author Stefan Burns performing a Hamstring Stretch

Every person on this planet has 24 hours every day available to them. Every person on this planet also has responsibilities and obligations which they must attend to, which can include things such as:

  • A job

  • Family life

  • Friendships

  • Daily travel

  • Housework

  • Sleep

  • Eating/Drinking

  • And much more!


Another critically important responsibility people should focus their time to is self care and improving their health. Unfortunately, this is an area many people sacrifice in the short term, only to realize the importance of later in life. And it can be very easy to rationalize.

“The kids need to be picked up from school…”

“The laundry needs to be taken care of…”

“Its been a long day at work…”

Those responsibilities can then be used to justify statements such as:

“I’ll start eating healthy next week…”

“I’ll work out tomorrow…”

“I’ll sleep more once I get a new job…”

At the end of the day, those are all excuses. You devote time where you place your priorities, and if you prioritize your health in the short and long term you’ll find time in your schedule to incorporate healthy habits and routines.

One fantastic strategy to utilize to ease into a healthier lifestyle is to have a quick morning workout at home everyday!

A beautiful thing happens when you first wake up in the morning, you have a blank slate to work with. If you set your alarm early enough, you have no responsibilities to attend to for whatever set amount of time you choose. It is during this period that transitioning your body from a state of rest to a state of energy and movement helps to empower you to wake up, become mentally sharp, conquer your goals, and achieve your vision.

15 to 30 minutes every morning is all you need to feel, look, and move better, and these workouts don’t need to be complicated. If you’re just starting out and body-weight exercises such as push-ups are difficult, just stretching and moving your body will feel great and can overtime dramatically improve your health and strengthen your body. Below are two example zero equipment morning workouts I personally use to get ready for the day:


Morning Routine - Strength Focused

Complete this circuit three times

  1. Push-ups - 10-40 reps

    • Form an arrow position with your arms, keep your core stable, and chest to floor.

  2. RKC Plank - 15-60 seconds

    • Squeeze your glutes, contract your core, and brace inwards.

  3. Body-weight Squats - 10-40 reps

    • Open your hips and go deep with a stable back.

  4. Glute Bridge - 10-40 reps

    • Squeeze the glutes at the top of the rep.

  5. Mountain Climbers - 20 reps

    • Stay tight and stabilize against rotation.

Full YouTube playlist for this workout

Morning Routine - Mobility Focused

Focus on the quality of the movement

  1. Thoracic Rotation Stretch - 5 reps each side

  2. 90/90 Hip Stretch - Hold 20-30 seconds

  3. Hamstring Stretch - Hold for 20-30 seconds

  4. Ankle Plantar Flexion Stretch - 30 seconds

  5. Lizard with Rotation - 5 reps each side

  6. Punter Kicks - 8 reps each side

  7. Chest Stretch - Hold 20-30 seconds

  8. Lat Stretch - Hold 20-30 seconds

  9. Shoulder CARS - 5 reps each side

  10. Windmills - 10 reps each side

Full YouTube playlist for this workout


The beauty of the morning workout is it also maintains any work you’ve previously put in. If you workout hard during the afternoon or evenings, your fitness progress is dependent during those workouts. Stop exercising and you’re progress will slip away as that was your only daily stimulus to maintain your athleticism. The morning workout, while not super intense, provides just enough stimulus to maintain progress you’ve made during your main training sessions if life does get in the way occasionally and you miss a workout, as happens occasionally. If you don’t miss your normal exercise routine, then you only make progress faster with the addition of the morning routine.

Incorporate a daily morning workout into your routine and take note of how you feel day to day, and the progress you make. Make a habit of it and it becomes second nature, and what once felt like a chore starts to become a necessity!