Quick Tip - Increase your Vegetable Consumption with Three Healthy and Convenient Food Choices!

Amazing Grass, Fawen Soups, and Brad’s Kale Chips

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Everyone knows to eat more veggies, but what if you don't like them? Or what if eating the typically recommended raw or slightly cooked vegetable dishes, like salads and steamed broccoli can cause stomach discomfort and GI upset for you? If you want many of the benefits vegetables have to offer, but need to ease into increasing your vegetable consumption, products like the one shown are a good place to start! Additionally, if you’re looking to for recommendations on healthy snacks, these are just a few of many options on the market now.

My three favorite nutrient dense vegetable snacks are from Amazing Grass, Fawen Soups, and Brad’s Kale Chips.

Amazing Grass To-Go Packets

Amazing Grass

The easiest and most nutrient dense way to consume vegetables is with a greens/superfood powder. Amazing Grass’s Green Superfood is one of my favorites, containing all organic ingredients and coming in at a reasonable price point. 10-15% of the nutrition from the ingredients used such as organic wheatgrass, spirulina, etc are lost during the processing needed to create green powders, but the water is also extracted.


With the water removed, the overall nutrient density of the final product is dramatically increased. Additionally, since it has already been processed to some degree, in my experience I have found that the different green and/or superfood powders on the market are very easily digested. If your digestive system is already under too much stress to handle raw or slightly cooked vegetables, these greens packets are a fantastic resource to have on hand to help heal your gut and improve your daily nutrition. I also recommend people use these packets if they’re low on their veggie quota for the day. Amazing Grass to-go packets are a great way to "catch up" to your recommended 9 cups as recommended by Dr. Terry Wahls.

Fawen Drinkable Soups

Fawen Drinkable Soups

Fawen Soups are likewise another easy way to bump up your veggie intake, with a 17 oz carton only being 120 calories! I typically warm mine up and drink it slowly, but if life has you in a rush then you can drink it on the go too. The best part is the soup has a simple ingredient list and tastes great.


The main ingredients of the green soup are the cruciferous vegetables broccoli and cauliflower, and for the red soup beets, cabbage, and swiss chard. For both soups, those main ingredients are then blended with a base of coconut milk, coconut water, and coconut oil for a smooth texture and even consistency. There are zero preservatives, artificial sugars, unpronounceable ingredients, etc. No chunks in this soup make it really easy to drink on the go, or sip after being warmed up, which makes it one of my favorites.

Brad’s Plant Based Kale Chips

Brad’s Plant Based Kale Chips

I went on a kick with Brad’s Plant Based kale chips a while ago, and now I rotate them in when I want a healthy snack to slowly munch on. Per ounce, the amount of calories is just slightly less than regular potato chips, but the micronutrient density is much higher as none of the calories come from nutrient devoid vegetable oils (like soybean and canola).


Instead of being deep fried these kale chips are battered with a chickpea and vegetable probiotic blend. Brad’s Kale chips are micronutrient dense and delicious, but not so hyper-palatable that’ll you’ll crush a whole bag in one sitting like regular potato chips.

A Good Place to Start

When people ask me “how do you do it?” I respond back with the statement “Make eating healthy foods and changing your habits as convenient and easy as possible”. Learning to use healthy supplements, soups, or snacks like the ones highlighted above can help transition people from an unhealthy diet to one that primarily consists of whole and unprocessed foods. Vegetable options like this can be very useful in the context of modern lifestyle because they fit into common eating behaviors, like snacking, that most vegetable preparation methods don't fulfill. Second, if eating vegetables is a relatively new endeavor for you, these slightly more processed alternatives are easier to digest while still promoting the growth of good, vegetable loving bacteria in your microbiome.


Stefan Burns

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