DELICIOUS Organifi Coconut Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

It can be hard to be healthy! But what exactly does that mean? 

Today's world is go go go, with 100 things demanding all of your attention at once. Eating healthy on the other hand usually means shopping at specialty stores or farmers markets, devoting time everyday towards prepping and cooking your own meals, and lets be honest, time research how to be healthy! Sometimes there just isn't enough time though to do it all, and when you're busy healthy meal choices are extremely limited (thanks conventional food industry...).

So if you're in a rush, reach for this healthy, delicious, satiating, meal replacement shake before the fast food pit stop (which everyone is guilty of)!

This meal replacement shake is made with only three, that's right THREE, healthy ingredients, so it takes about one minute from start to finish to make. You can't get any easier than this folks.

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Organifi Coconut Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake



1 serving of Organifi Complete Protein (2 scoops, 40 grams)

160 ml of Coconut Milk

1 tbsp of Cacao Powder

A few ice cubes and 4-8oz of water


Take 160 ml of well mixed* coconut milk and add to a mini blender. Add two scoops of the chocolate Organifi Complete Protein. Add one tbsp of cacao powder (I prefer the Thrive Market brand because it's so economical). Add a few ice cubes and 4-8 oz of water depending on how thick you like your shakes and blend for 15-20 seconds!

*Canned coconut milk when first open will have separated. To fix this, I dump the entire can into a blender bottle and shake it until well mixed. Store the bottle in your fridge, and 10 seconds in the microwave will liquefy the coconut milk no problem.

Nutrition Facts:

Calories - 478 | Fat - 37.6 g | Carbs* 17 g  | Protein - 23.2 g

*Fiber - 3.2 g | Sugar - 6 g | Fat - 68% | Carbs - 13% | Protein - 19%

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I love this meal replacement shake because it is so fast to make. It's also very low carb, instead being protein and fat dominant. That makes it very satiating, which is kinda the whole point of a meal replacement shake! If your normal meal was supposed to be 600-800 calories, and you instead opt for a 200 calorie carb heavy snack, I can almost guarantee you'll be reaching for anything to chow down in less than an hour. And that food will certainly not be healthy. This shake also works great if you're on a low-carb or keto diet!

Also important is whether it tastes good? So many of these healthy recipes you see online were created by health nuts first, cooks and bakers second, and as a result they usually taste horrible! If what you're eating doesn't taste good, best of luck sticking to that diet! Food needs to taste good and be good for you, and this shake does both. The coconut flavor from the coconut milk is noticeable, but subdued, and the chocolate flavor is rich and creamy. If you like chocolate you'll love it.

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